Tulum an exciting city in Quintana Roo

Walking in the street of Tulum by night

In Mexico, on the shores of the Caribbean Sea is the Mexican capital of the festival. Tulum is a discreet town in the Quintana Roo region that lives peacefully in the shadow of Cancun. When night falls, a small street in the town centre turns into a kind of thirsty road. In the dampness of the night, bathed by the warm trade winds, travellers from all over the world go…


Stopover in Ushuaia, a city at the end of the world

Stopover in Ushuaia, a nice city in Argentina

When you arrive in Ushuaia by boat, the show is absolutely fabulous and confusing. This southern city speaks to the imagination of all generations. Stopping in Ushuaia, a town at the end of the world, along the Beagle Channel, a stone’s throw from Cape Horn, is a bit like a dream. But it is above all a starting point for adventure. A city that lies at the foot of the…


The mystery of the Easter Island statues

The huge statues of the Easter Island

The many questions posed by the Maoist statues on Easter Island The statues of Easter Island are still an enigma to our modern civilizations. Indeed, this island lost in the middle of the largest ocean in the world is home to stone statues that may have come from a strange civilization. When one evokes the alignments of Carnac where the dolmens of the most septic surroundings evoke the possibility that…


An Antarctica Patagonian Cruise on the Avenue of the Glaciers

A glacier in Patagonia during a austral summer

Glacier Avenue is located in Chilean Antarctic Patagonia. This passage of the Beagle Strait was renamed so because it offers spectacular views of ice fields that come to finish their course in the Beagle Channel. This long strait avoids the terrible Cape Horn and often very rough seas when it is merely not raging. The Avenue of the Glaciers, one of the treasures of Patagonia Antarctica The Beagle Channel is,…


What is the origin of the name Tierra del Fuego in Chile ?

Terre de feu, toutes les informations sur cette appelation

But where does the origin of the name Tierra del Fuego come from? Why is this southern land called Tierra del Fuego? Tierra del Fuego owes its present name to an explorer The story goes that when Magellan arrived in 1520 off this archipelago at the end of the world. He noticed a significant number of fires and smoke along the coasts. Therefore, he called these lands the Island of…


The Whale Avenue in Patagonia

A view on a glacier on the whales Avenue

This strait in the extreme southwest of Chile is in the heart of the Alberto Agostini National Park. It allows you to catch up with the Beagle Channel, a passage which avoids crossing the dangerous Cape Horn so dreaded by sailors. Landscapes of Chilean Patagonia Although this place may be called the Avenue des Baleines, it is not an ideal observation point. Whales are primarily marine mammals that are always…


Sailing in Tierra del Fuego

Discovering the Ainsworth Bay in Chile

Tierra del Fuego is one of those legendary places that we have always heard about. And if this region of the globe is so unique, it is essential because it is one of the most dangerous in the world. A unique place in the world because it is here that Cape Horn is located. Sailing in Tierra del Fuego is not trivial, between glaciers and fjords at the end of…


Pia glacier, Chile’s hidden treasure

Chilean Patagonia one of the most beautiful place in the world

There is an exceptional glacier in the south of Antarctic Patagonia, a glacier that can only be reached by boat after one or two days at sea. And to have the right to land ashore, it is necessary to sail on a ship flying the Chilean flag. The Pia glacier is a continually evolving treasure of ice, and surprisingly, its size tends to remain the same despite the rise in…


Visit the Deshaies botanical garden in Guadeloupe

What you will see in the botanical Garden

Paradise beaches, turquoise blue water and amazing Creole cuisine, the islands of Guadeloupe have all the assets to keep you away from many cultural or unusual experiences. And visiting a botanical garden in Guadeloupe is an activity almost inevitable. The Deshaies garden is both a botanical and culinary Rendez-Vous. The meeting between lush vegetation and a good table of Guadeloupe. Deshaies, a botanical garden in Guadeloupe out of the ordinary…