The top 10 most beautiful cities in Algeria

Oran one of the most beautiful cities of Algeria

1. Bejaia The capital of Kabylia is a truly special place in Algeria. This thousand-year-old city is sometimes called “the little Mecca”. It’s a city of incredible light, and its immediate proximity to the Mediterranean Sea gives it an inimitable character. Over the centuries, visitors have never ceased to praise the formidable values of the people of Bejaia. The sense of hospitality seems to originate here. 2. Tizi Ouzou, one…


The list of countries where English is spoken in Africa

English-speaking countries in Africa are legion. But this linguistic practice is not only a sign of the opening of African countries to the world as one could think in the XXIst century. It is also a consequence of history and of the English colonization and occupation policy. Turning past weaknesses into strengths is the adage that could characterize these countries. Today, these English-speaking countries are trying to turn the page…


Ranking of the biggest cities in Mali

The largest cities in Mali

Top 10 largest cities in Mali (in population) Mali is one of the largest countries in Africa. It has an area of about 1.2 million km² and an estimated population of 22 million. 1. Bamako, the capital of Mali There are more than 3 million inhabitants in Bamako. This vast administrative and economic capital covers an area of 267 km². The largest city in Mali is 22 kilometers high and…


Top 10 longest rivers in Africa

The longest rivers in Africa 1. The Nile, the largest river in Africa With a length of 6,670 km excluding tributaries, the Nile is the largest river in Africa. The surface area of the river is 3.4 million km² and the average flow at the mouth is 2,830 cubic meters per second. This river is mythical and majestic. It has its source somewhere in the African jungle and ends its…


The 10 biggest towns in the Ivory Coast

The flag of the Ivory Coast

An interesting journey to the discovery of the largest cities of the Ivory Coast. A very promising country in West Africa. the Ivory Coast is a country that covers more than 333,462 square kilometers and is populated by about 27 million people. This african country has many seaside resorts in the south, while the north of the country is largely covered by tropical forests. The ranking of the most populated…


How many countries are in Africa?

L'oasis de Fayoum en Egypte

There are 54 countries on this continent, and this is the very exact number of countries in Africa. And this is more than a quarter of the number of countries in the world. The surface of Africa is 30 415 873 km². And on this continent live more than 1.3 billion people or 17% of the world’s population. The list of 54 African countries in alphabetical order A 1. South…


The list of the biggest cities in Ethiopia

Flag of Ethiopia

In the world, Ethiopia is a country apart. Considered by many researchers as the cradle of humanity. This large country of East Africa, with 113.7 million inhabitants, is also one of the most populated of the continent. Ethiopia is also a large country in terms of size as it covers 1,127,127 square kilometers. This vast African country is located in what geographers call the Horn of Africa. A complex and…


The largest cities in Ghana

The flag of Ghana - black star © papergarden

Ghana is a West African country located on the Gulf of Guinea and covers an area of approximately 238,540 square kilometers. Its independence dates back to March 6, 1957, and the population of this country is estimated at about thirty million inhabitants. To discover more about this country, we suggest you discover the biggest cities of Ghana, their history, and their attractions. 1. Accra, the capital of Ghana The population…


The 10 biggest cities in Sudan

The map of Sudan with its largest cities

Sudan is a complex country that was once the largest country in Africa. But with the partition of the country on December 24, 2015, and its 1,886,068 square kilometers, the country is now the third largest country in Africa. This landlocked country has a population that is estimated at 45.17 million. The population is unevenly distributed throughout the country. The Sudanese live mostly in the center of the country, especially…