The largest cities in Sri Lanka

Colombo the biggest city in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country located off the coast of India. A beautiful country that is sometimes called “the pearl of the Indian Ocean” or “the emerald island”. A large island, bordered by the Indian Ocean, with an area of 65,610 square kilometers. An island territory indeed, but an integral part of the Asian continent. With 22.2 million inhabitants, this country is located in the southeast of the Indian…


China and the culture of tea

The tea ceremony at Sangua village near Hefei

In China, tea has a very special place. It is estimated that more than twenty Chinese provinces cultivate tea plants. The tea bushes are small shrubs that provide leaves that will be dried and brewed in boiling water many months later. Which country invented tea? Legend has it that tea was invented in China. In fact, Chinese mythology contains texts about the emperor Shen Nong. This emperor who reigned under…


The list of all Chinese dynasties

The terracota army at the Mausoleum of Qin Emperor

The ancient history of China is marked by a whole succession of emperors. However, these emperors were not part of the same families or clans and this is why we speak of dynasties. This chronological vision allows us to better understand the long history of a civilization of four times millennia. The founding dynasties of the Middle Kingdom 1. The period of the Three Augustans and the Five Emperors This…


The biggest cities in Laos

The biggest cities in Laos

Laos is a small country in Southeast Asia. This long state is wedged between Thailand and Cambodia in the South. While in the north it shares its border with Vietnam, Burma, and China. What are the largest cities in Laos? 1. Vientiane, the political capital The population of Vientiane is estimated to be over 750,000. With an area of 130 square kilometers, its population density is close to 6000 inhabitants…


Visit the Muslim quarter of Xi’an

Quelques croyants réunis à la grande mosquée de Xi'an

Xi’an is one of the most emblematic Chinese cities in Asia. A city with a thousand-year-old history and cultural treasures of inestimable value. But Xi’an is also one of the gateways to Central Asia. Central Asia is also the beginning of the Muslim world. And the city of Xi’an is like a link between Chinese culture and Central Asian culture. It is therefore quite natural to find a Muslim neighborhood…


Top 10 things to do on the island of Sumatra

10 things to do on Sumatra island

What to do on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia? Let yourself be enchanted by this dream destination located in the confines of Southeast Asia. And discover the big paradise island of Sumatra. Here are a few highly recommended points of passage. 1. Take a tour through the jungle, discover the village of Bukit Lawang and a stop in the Gunung Leuser National Park. Get to know one of the…


8 good reasons to go to Setouchi in Japan

Wonderful garden in Setouchi. Photos credits: Sokha Keo

8 good reasons to go to Setouchi in Japan One hour by train from Osaka, the Setouchi region surprises by the diversity of its landscapes, its cultural and gastronomic richness. Discover the Seto Inland Sea in 13 spots. 1/ An incredible garden in Takamatsu With 1400 varieties of pine trees, 6 ponds, 13 artificial hills, a waterfall, 7 traditional Japanese houses, a tea room… the Ritsurin garden is simply magnificent….


Taiwan, so surprising

Taiwan so surprising, a temple

Located south of Japan and west of the Philippines, Taiwan is well worth a visit. Between nature, its temples and culinary specialities, the country reserves beautiful surprises—the proof by 4. 1/ Taipei, Zen capital With seven million inhabitants, including suburbs, Taiwan surprises and makes you want to spend time wandering through its small streets to discover lovely shops or visit one of its many temples. In Taipei 101, 509.2 m…


Spirits of Java/Mystic Java/Serenity/Breath of Breath

On the Java island, by Sokha Keo

Like Zanzibar, Samarkand or Cuzco, the island of Java evokes a dreamed, fantasized destination. The images of lush and surprising vegetation, ancestral cultural sites and a welcome population seduce all those who like to get lost for no reason on hiking trails and go to meet others with, as the only desire, the discovery. An ideal cocktail to seduce visitors to the island. The persistent hot breath of post-monsoon envelops…