• China and the culture of tea
  • Teahupoo, the most beautiful wave on the earth
  • Top 10 largest cities in Norway
  • Street photography in Copenhagen
  • What to do in Deauville? the chicest town in Normandy
The tea ceremony at Sangua village near Hefei

China and the culture of tea

In China, tea has a very special place. It is estimated that more than twenty Chinese provinces cultivate tea plants. The tea bushes are small shrubs that provide leaves that will be dried and brewed in boiling water many months later. Which country invented tea? Legend has it that tea was invented in China. In fact, Chinese mythology contains texts about the emperor Shen Nong. This emperor who reigned under…

The terracota army at the Mausoleum of Qin Emperor

The list of all Chinese dynasties

The ancient history of China is marked by a whole succession of emperors. However, these emperors were not part of the same families or clans and this is why we speak of dynasties. This chronological vision allows us to better understand the long history of a civilization of four times millennia. The founding dynasties of the Middle Kingdom 1. The period of the Three Augustans and the Five Emperors This…

The flag of the Ivory Coast

The 10 biggest towns in the Ivory Coast

An interesting journey to the discovery of the largest cities of the Ivory Coast. A very promising country in West Africa. the Ivory Coast is a country that covers more than 333,462 square kilometers and is populated by about 27 million people. This african country has many seaside resorts in the south, while the north of the country is largely covered by tropical forests. The ranking of the most populated…


How to wash your clothes while traveling?

You are about to leave for two or three weeks on a trip and in front of your huge suitcase you understand that you will not be able to take everything. So you’ll have to find quickly a trick to wash your clothes when you travel! All the tips and tricks to wash your clothes while traveling The basic rules when washing clothes while traveling are, first of all, never…

Teahupoo, a milestone in Tahiti

Teahupoo, the most beautiful wave on the earth

Although the oceans occupy more than two-thirds of the planet, the places where perfect waves roll in can only be counted on the fingers of one hand on a country scale. But when it comes to world-class waves, the list narrows even further. And when we talk about the best and most beautiful wave in the world, then all eyes are on Teahupoo, an extraordinary wave that rolls off the…

The flag of Estonia

The largest cities in Estonia

Estonia is a Baltic country that lies between Latvia and Russia. A country that covers 45,338 square kilometers and has a population of about 1.23 million people. The list of the 10 largest cities in Estonia (by population) 1. Tallinn, the country’s capital The city of Tallinn is a multicultural city composed of the majority of Estonian but also more than a third of Russians but also by a Ukrainian…

The biggest cities in Laos

The biggest cities in Laos

Laos is a small country in Southeast Asia. This long state is wedged between Thailand and Cambodia in the South. While in the north it shares its border with Vietnam, Burma, and China. What are the largest cities in Laos? 1. Vientiane, the political capital The population of Vientiane is estimated to be over 750,000. With an area of 130 square kilometers, its population density is close to 6000 inhabitants…

L'oasis de Fayoum en Egypte

How many countries are in Africa?

There are 54 countries on this continent, and this is the very exact number of countries in Africa. And this is more than a quarter of the number of countries in the world. The surface of Africa is 30 415 873 km². And on this continent live more than 1.3 billion people or 17% of the world’s population. The list of 54 African countries in alphabetical order A 1. South…

Kyiv skyline at dusk

Should we pronounce it Kyiv or Kiev?

For a few years now, a battle has been going on even in the pronunciation of the Ukrainian capital. For decades the Russians have been eyeing the Crimean peninsula. When traveling in Russia before 2014 it was not uncommon to hear Russians complaining about this small piece of territory. A little music about a lost territory that kept rising in the media noise of the Russian media. Crimea is this…