The 10 biggest cities in Tahiti

Une vue aérienne de Papeete l'une des plus grandes villes de Tahiti

As surprising as it may seem, Tahiti is not the name of a city but the name of an island in the Pacific Ocean. Tahiti is in fact the largest island in French Polynesia. And its surface area exceeds one thousand square kilometers. The size of this island is therefore an advantage for its habitability. And this is what naturally makes it the most populated island of Polynesia but also…


What is the meaning of the Polynesian flag?

The meaning of the polynesian flag

The Polynesian flag is composed of two colors and a small logo. The Polynesian flag has two red stripes surrounding a white rectangle. The meaning of the Polynesian flag This two-colored flag is composed of three bands. The logo in its center is the emblem of Polynesia. This banner was officially adopted on December 4, 1985. 1. The description of the Polynesian emblem in the center of the flag the…