The most beautiful views of Turin

A nice view over Turin from the Antonelliana

Turin is a beautiful Italian city and is the capital of Piedmont, a remarkable Italian region that lies at the foot of the Alps. With its rugged terrain, this city lends itself wonderfully to photography and panoramic views. To help you on your journey we have prepared a guide to the most beautiful views of Turin. 1. The view from the Basilica of Superga The view from the Basilica of…


Top 10 things to do on the island of Sumatra

10 things to do on Sumatra island

What to do on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia? Let yourself be enchanted by this dream destination located in the confines of Southeast Asia. And discover the big paradise island of Sumatra. Here are a few highly recommended points of passage. 1. Take a tour through the jungle, discover the village of Bukit Lawang and a stop in the Gunung Leuser National Park. Get to know one of the…


The best surf spots in the Basque Country #64

A huge wave in Guethary named Parlementia

To find the best surfing spots in the Basque Country, on the French side, you must first understand the area. There are spots around six towns in the Atlantic Pyrenees. From north to south there is the area of Anglet, Biarritz, then Bidart and Géthary, and finally the areas of Saint-Jean de Luz and Hendaye. Surf spots in Biarritz The Basque country is the land of surfing. It even seems…


All the information about the visa to go to Egypt?


More and more countries that used to be considered “visa-free countries” are turning to the American model. Online authorization or prior application. Here is all the information you need about the visa to travel to Egypt with peace of mind. Prerequisites to obtain a visa to Egypt If you want to visit Egypt, your passport must be valid six months after the date of return and have at least three…


Pen Duick 5, a legendary sailing boat

Pen Duick 5 in the la baule Harbour

Pen Duick 5 is already Eric Tabarly’s fourth racing yacht. It is of modest size since its length does not exceed 10.67 meters. A tiny boat designed to be able to cross the Pacific Ocean. But above all to take part in a single-handed race between San Francisco and Tokyo. Pen Duick 5 a boat designed to win This boat was built in Lorient in the same shipyard as Pen…


The most common travel scams

The most frequent scams while travelling

When you travel, it often rhymes with vacation. You are generally relaxed. This is when some bad people may interact with you. Scammers use schemes that are often well established and sometimes very sophisticated. Their task is made more accessible by mass tourism since, in a given situation, they will very quickly get feedback on the typical reaction of the basic tourist. The worst scams for tourists Before we start,…


How to survive a snake bite?

Entre racines et serpents

Snakes cause tens of thousands of deaths every year. The WHO estimates that every year nearly three million people are bitten by snakes. Depending on the year, the number of deaths generally varies between 80,000 and 130,000. Because being bitten by a snake in Asia or Africa is a possibility to consider. Here is a guide to help you manage and survive a snake bite. Snakebite, how to avoid it?…


An Antarctica Patagonian Cruise on the Avenue of the Glaciers

A glacier in Patagonia during a austral summer

Glacier Avenue is located in Chilean Antarctic Patagonia. This passage of the Beagle Strait was renamed so because it offers spectacular views of ice fields that come to finish their course in the Beagle Channel. This long strait avoids the terrible Cape Horn and often very rough seas when it is merely not raging. The Avenue of the Glaciers, one of the treasures of Patagonia Antarctica The Beagle Channel is,…


What is the origin of the name Tierra del Fuego in Chile ?

Terre de feu, toutes les informations sur cette appelation

But where does the origin of the name Tierra del Fuego come from? Why is this southern land called Tierra del Fuego? Tierra del Fuego owes its present name to an explorer The story goes that when Magellan arrived in 1520 off this archipelago at the end of the world. He noticed a significant number of fires and smoke along the coasts. Therefore, he called these lands the Island of…