What to do during a stopover in Genoa?

A panoramic view from the top of the city

Stopover in Genoa, the largest harbour in Italy Genoa is a city that was built as an amphitheater. Whether you come to Genoa by sea or by road, you always approach this Italian city by its port. The port of Genoa is gigantic. It is a marina, a passenger port and a commercial port. Here everything is mixed, and all these ships cohabit creating a merry mess. The visit to…


Travelling in Gent, Belgium

Gent one of the most beautiful city in Belgium

Gent, one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium Belgium, a welcoming country located in the center of Europe, is full of many discreet and bucolic cities. This time, we set out to explore Ghent. Bruges remains our favorite city for the moment, but the architectural wealth of Ghent and its quality of life must be highlighted. Ghent is above all a big city teeming with people and which is…


Panasonic Lumix, the GH5 test

Le dessus du capot du GH5 lumix

With a big launch and many promises, the GH5 has made its way into the world of digital reflexes. Let’s get straight to the point, after ten months of intensive use here is the first feedback on all the defects found on this model. Purchase GH5, decision making To sell more cases, Panasonic had put up an offer. Two hundred euros refunded for any purchase of a box. But in…